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less is more and the art of granita di mandorla

I haven´t stopped cooking, I´ve just stopped blogging. It just wasn´t/isn´t fun anymore. I think my problem is that I go for epics when I don´t really have the time required. Or the language skills. So, I´ll try to use less words, see if it works better. Because, we all know that less is more, don´t we? ;)

So, in few words: I made granita di mandorla with almonds, sugar and water and it was sooo good! Here is the pic I took at a bar in Syracusa, Sicily:

and here is mine

I know it doesn´t look like the above, but actually, mine was less watery, more milky, and also please remember that the photo is taken in the middle of a heat wave,  so I´m happy it didn´t melt totally in 10 seconds. Of course, the original Sicilian breakfast is granita with brioches but unfortunatelly I couldn´t bring myself to bake in that heat, so I just had warm croissants.

Granita di mandorla (I melted together several recipes)

400g blanched almonds
900ml water
125g/150ml caster sugar
2-3 drops of bitter almond essenc…

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