gooseberry tart

It´s not like I´ve taken an oath to produce tart tarts solely from now on, I promise you this was only a coincidence. I craved something summery for my afternoon tea but didn´t have any other summer fruit but a litre of red gooseberries in the freezer. I have been looking for a recipe to use them for quite a time now, but I couldn´t really find anything that appealed to me. When searching in my Hungarian cookbooks I found a sauce that goes well with rich steaks and the Swedish cookbooks "promoted"recipes for stewed gooseberry purée served with milk for breakfast. I found a recipe for clafoutis in Nigella´s How To Be A Domestic Goddess but I craved something more substantial so I decided to make a tart.

I made a shortcrust pastry with
300ml of flour
1 egg
1 tbs sugar and
150g butter
Let rest in the fridge for about 1 hour. I knew about the gooseberry elderflower combination but I wanted to try something new, so I surfed the web in English, Swedish and Hungarian but found very little. There was a recipe where cinnamon was used, then another one with lemon zest but then that was about it. I decided to use Nigella´s idea from her clafoutis recipe (the orange flower water) and the lemon zest, just because I absolutely love the flavour.

I baked the pastry shell for 15 minutes on 225C degrees then filled it with the
gooseberries (1 litre)
sprinkled 100ml sugar
1 tbs potato starch
some vanilla sugar
few sprinklings of lemon zest and
1 tbs of orange flower water over the fruit.
(You could also stew the fruit first by crushing the gooseberries and cook i´t with the other ingredients for a few minutes) but I like a bit texture, so I just used the raw fruit.)
I baked it for another 25 minutes and served it with Greek yogurt (yes, I know, I use Greek yogurt to everything but it actually went very well with this tart). You can serve it with cream, custard or like Delia Smith, with a nice elderflower ice cream.

Note: I couldn´t wait for the tart to cool completely but I would advise you to make your very best and wait, because my second slice tasted so much better! It really makes a difference. The tart was perfectly sweet-and-sour, if you like rhubarb you will love gooseberries. I couldn´t taste the orange flower water at all but the lemon zest complemented the gooseberries perfectly. This time I only used 1 tbs of orange flower water as I didn´t want my tart to taste soapy, but I´ll might give it another try with at least 2 tsp next time. Also I can imagine using orange zest, it should be delicious.
I made myself a nice cup of tea on my new PG loose tea that I bought yesterday at the English shop and I was happy and contented for the rest of my Sunday afternoon :)


Rachel said…
This looks great ! I adore gooseberries!
Kevin said…
That pie looks good! I have never seen red gooseberries before, just green ones. I didn't even think about using gooseberries in a pie. It sounds like really good idea.
Tarah said…
Beautiful! I've never seen red gooseberries either. The color of these gooseberries in a pie is outstanding!
farida said…
I love gooseberries! In Azerbaijan, we make fresh jam with them. Your tart looks delicious and I am sure it is delicious!
Linda F said…
I didnt know that gooseberries could be red too! I love the green version, they are indeed yummy in a tart! Yours looks lovely!
Rhyleysgranny said…
I have never seen or heard of red gooseberries. This looks simply wonderful. Lovely pics too.
That looks wonderful, I haven't eaten gooseberries for ages, now I'm craving them :)
Sounds and looks delicious!
Red gooseberries are a new one to me too.
That tart looks absolutely stunning. One of my very favourite fruits.
JillyB said…
That tart looks so delicious. I'm having to go out and look for gooseberries now!
Gloria said…
This tarta look beauty and nice I like it !! xxxGloria
Sandy said…
Oh, your photos are so fabulous! They feel like a vacation to me!
Ivana said…
It's so beautiful!! And your photos are ver nice!
Hank said…
This was delicious! I replaced a little white sugar with brown, and put in some extra lemon juice.

A good amount of work, but well worth it.
Food to Fitness said…
Looks just delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

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