I´ve bought a tablecloth on a market in Taormina. I mostly have whites and blues - kind of Scandinavian style - so it is fun to have something more "rustic". This lemony cloth is 100% pure cotton, cost me 2,50Euros and will remind me of Sicily every time I use it:)


I love that tablecloth! it has all the different types of citrus fruit on it! Including Kitron, as I make it out... wow. I love it!
Linda F said…
That is a fabulously 'lively' table cloth- beautiful!
Lisa said…
It is beautiful! And what a great price.
Sandy said…
Oh, it's gorgeous! I've been looking for more colourful tablecloths lately.
Absolutely beautiful and a bargain too :)
farida said…
Cute tablecloth:) Loved the color!

BTW, I have a surprise for you on my blog. Check it out!:)

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