Warm Black Pudding Salad

I realized the other day - somewhat ashamed - that I don´t really cook Swedish food. Long time ago I made up my mind that it was boring and tasteless and after that I haven´t bothered.

However, I think it´s time to reconsider that statement and give it another chance. I don´t want to call it a project because then I feel that I have to, but I would like to try out more swedish recipes or at least recipes by swedish cooks, chefs and foodwriters.

Since I am still working late hours, quick warming  nutricious and tasty are still criterias that i would like my food to meet.
First out is Leila favourite dish "Blackpudding with bacon and apples". It´s an easy non-recipe, doesn´t require many ingredients. For me it was a bit too much serving meat with meat and the sweet apples with even sweeter raisins. Don´t want to be negative here, but it just wasn´t my kind of taste-combination.

There was another nice looking black pudding salad in Diana Henrys Roast Figs, Sugar snow that I have marked last year (back then I thought it was a recipe with beetroot!!), so now was the time to mix the two recipes and come up with one that fitted my taste. I omitted the bacon, eggs and raisins, kept the potatoes and fried the apples in butter

Black Pudding salad
serves 2

200g black pudding in 1cm thick slices
a few cooked, cooled potatoes, in slices
2 handfuls of rucola salad
2 red apples in slices

dressing: 2 tbs olive oil
               7 ml balsamico
               1 tsp mustard
               1 garlic clove

Fry the black pudding and potatoes in oil and apples in butter (in different pans if you can)
Salt and pepper.
Toss black pudding and potatoes carefully with the dressing and serve it on a bed of rucola with the fried apple slices and lingonberry jam.


Ms O said…
Hi Eva! I really like your updated blog. Can't wait to read more from you. :-)
Lea xoxo
vonsachsen said…
Thank you, Lea, you are sweet:)
Don't know if I will be able to write in english but I'll try...also I don't have any ambitions for blogging ans "proper" writing, for now I'll only gather recipes in one place. But it is always nice knowing you're checking by every now and then:)
Eva xxx

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