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Yaaaay! Spring has come! It´s time to fall in love!
Spring is the time for hope, new beginnings, a fresh start. Since I haven´t been able to locate a subject for my spring ardour, I was sitting in front of my computer on a sunny Sunday morning, all alone, no one to cook a nice breakfast for and I was bored. I have already checked my mail - twice - checked the usual forums where I occasionally participate (yes, most often I´m just lurking) but I found nothing to lift my spirits. I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking about how unfair the world is. What do you mean global warming? Or people who doesn´t have food or water for the day? No, no, I´m talking serious stuff here. It is sooooo unfair that Mr Right hasn´t knocked on my door yet. And, sadly enough, I´m not too interested in Mr Right-nows.
Right, so I was bored to tears. I went to ebay and searched for cookbooks that have been on my wish list for months, actually found three of them, I´ll tell you more about them if I win the bids. Then I started to check out all the food blogs I visit daily, for possible updates and that was when it happened. I suddenly noticed the button on the top of the site: "start new Blog". I heard a loud "reeeeetsch" sound in my head (that was my consciousness splitting) and I heard a new voice in my head: "Must start blog. Must start blog." No, I thought, this is crazy. Me? "Must start blog! Must start blog!"- I heard again, louder this time. Ooookaaay but what for? What am I going to blog about? Sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, work?
This stirred up a flood of thoughts and made me think of another conversation that I ´ve had not so long ago - this time with a real person - about blogs. (BTW, he is over here trying to save the world and spread some light with his music)

So, why do we blog? Why don´t we see people and talk to them? Yeah, yeah, I´m aware of the fact that this way you can make friends all over the planet in no time at all but don´t we miss the personal contact? And is it possible for the new to coexist with the old? Or does the old have to die to create a breeding bed for the new?
Do we blog because of our egos, our need to show off? Or should I put it in another way? We might do this because we need to find an outlet for our creativity? Like to cook, like to take photos= start a food blog? Or do we just simply need to share our successes and failures, the events of the day with someone?
OK, who has got some answers? I´ll make you a strawberry smoothie if you give me some nice, not too uncomfortable answers :)

Here you go! I have blitzed a big handful of fresh strawberries, 1 tsp brown sugar, 250 ml plain yogurt and 1 tsp rose water to bring out the strawberry flavour. Yum!I remember my grandmother telling me about how different things were in her youth. She lived in a small village in Transylvania without electricity or any asphalted streets. But she was happy. Never bored. Never contemplating the meaning of life or whether the grass was greener on the other side. I´m not saying that all those things are wrong, I just wonder why we feel like we do today, why so many people are compensating an unhappy life by eating too much, drinking too much, buying too much stuff without needing it? Oh, I almost forgot, must see how it goes with my bidding on ebay! I really need a new cookbook!

Back to my granny. Back then, it wasn´t too unusual not being able to read and write. When someone in the neighbourhood received a letter, they came to my granny and she read it for them. She told me about those long, cold winter evenings when she used to read aloud for the neighbours. These were pleasant but unpretentious gatherings, where my granny sat on the table and read one chapter from some novel every evening and afterwards the women were chatting and the men playing cards. There was also tea, made on herbs they were gathering in springtime in the outskirts of the village or the meadow. Every evening it was someone bringing a cake or cookies for the tea. There were times in the 30ies when they didn´t have food because of the drought. Then they would only have tea. But they went on with their gatherings and I do believe that it was like SPA for their souls.
Perhaps the key was that people were dependent of each other. Today we manage to do everything by ourselves and we take a pride in it. It is a good thing, of course but at the same time it is easier to just turn your back on others with an " I don´t need you!" Need? But what about love ? What about it? Looks like every road leads to Rome :)

Spring has come! It´s time to fall in love! Or start a blog.


Lisa said…
Ah-ha! I have found your blog and I think it is very pretty! And interesting.
I think of my blog as a diary, but with the fun aspect of being able to add photographs. It is creative, and it is an outlet to muse on life. I too appreciate the unpretentious and simple life, and I like many of my online friends more than the people in my neighborhood.
Sipping on my virtual smoothie,
vonsachsen said…
Hello Lisa and welcome :)
Thanks for your point of view, and of course I guess the "you choose your friends but not your neighbours" translates well on our online friends too..

vs xx
mikewilde said…
Finally got round to checking out your site and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed.
Actually I´m just taking a break from Saving the World and spreading a little mischief .. oh .. did I say that.. I meant Light, with my music. xoxmw
vonsachsen said…
Hee hee, it´s very kind of you dropping in, thank you :)
Oh and ...thanks for the support...


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