last week´s "smörgåsbord"

This week and weekend I´ve been working a lot, same as last week. I´ve come home late every night, didn´t have the time to plan my meals and even less to do any shopping. So, what have I eaten this week? Anything to blog about but the absence of a proper meal?

To start with I´ve had tons of rye crackers (the famous Swedish "knäckebröd"), one day I made Nigellas spaghetti carbonara with white wine and no cream (this is actually my favourite carbonara recipe and recipe is in How To Eat). I´ve had a Greek salad and also I´ve tried to get the most out of a piece of chorizo I´ve had lying around in the fridge for a while. (LOL That sounded really appetizing, didn´t it? )

First time I made this simple salad it was about two weeks ago and I liked it a lot so I made it again. It´s a Jill Dupleix recipe ( can´t really be called a recipe, I guess it´s more an idea) and it comes from her Simple Food. I´m not a real salad-person but I liked this because of the combination of the sweet, sour and spicy. Also, even though it´s "only" a salad but it felt more like a warm meal but lighter.

chorizo and sweet potato salad
Cut 1 large or 2 smallish sweet potatoes and 4 chorizo sausages (it would be fun to know how long that really is.I have a chorizo that is 30 cm long and somehow I don´t think she meant 4 of those...) thickly on the diagonal, brush with oil and grill until sizzling. Whisk 1 tbsp lemon juice and 2 tbsp olive oil with 1 tbsp chopped parsley, then toss with 200 g rocket leaves. Pile the potatoes and sausages on top.
Easy peasy and very tasty.

Another salad I tried was the Orange and Fennel salad from Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons. I must say that I wasn´t too impressed. It looked nice and summery but I don´t think the flavours complemented each other very well and it was just blend.


Freya and Paul said…
Sounds great, sweet potatoes with chorizo! A nice supper dish!

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