fish all over the pla(i)ce

I don´t like fish. It tastes too fishy. Strange, isn´t it? But whatever I do, I don´t seem to escape from them. Fish, I mean. I bought Elle Food & Wine yesterday, and there you go, a whole spread about fish and all kinds of fishy recipes. Fish is good for you, eat fish. As if I didn´t know that. The Ministry of Food in Sweden recommends fish three times a week for a healthy living! Jeez, all the fish I haven´t eaten during these years makes me wonder if I´m just going to drop dead any minute now ? Seems like I have very healthy neighbourgs though, because it smells fried fish every other day on the stairs of my house. Yuck!

OK, I´m joking, am not that scared, but it got me thinking. Why don´t I like fish? The very simple answer could be that I haven´t been eating fish growing up in a mountain town, besides some plaice and that only during the summer months. We don´t have lot of fish in our food culture. My mothers culinary skills - when it came to preparing fish - were exhausted in rolling the plaice in a mixture of flour, salt and paprika powder and frying it in sunflower oil. (Sorry Mum!) If she wanted to have some variation she used polenta instead of flour. Actually this is a good way to cook plaice, I still find it too fishy if prepared in another way. See Thai-style curried fish when I tried to do something else with the plaice...nice but not a winner.

I might have to put some anaesthetics on my taste buds or spice those little fishies up a bit and trick myself to eat fish at least once a week. So I decided to start a project and try to find recipes that make fish edible (for me).

I´m a bit chicken though, so I´ll start my fishy life with a safe card, an old favourite of mine (yes, actually I do love this particular fish-dish). Oh, I just looove saying fish! Fish, fish, fish, fishy fishes, fishie. Right.

This is very simple, you don´t even need a recipe. For 1 person you will need a generous knob of butter, 1 salmon fillet, 150-200ml cream and 1 smallish leek.

Take three

Melt the butter and brown the salmon fillet on both sides, it won´t take many minutes but it´s a bit up to you how you like it. Transfer salmon to a plate, try to keep it warm. Use the fishy :P butter to cook the leek until softened and it develops a wonderful sweetness. Then pour the cream over the leek and let it bubble away for a minute or so. Put the salmon back, let it be warm again and serve with plain cooked potatoes. Doesn´t look fabulous (in the contrary, looks very boring) but this is a great weekday meal.

I love the sweet taste of caramelized leek. Actually I reckon leek and cream is a winner combo, I used to make a quick pasta dish with fried bacon, leek and cream sauce with lots of pepper. Yum! Now I no longer can eat pasta, I do that sometimes anyway, but then I have to take the consequences...

So, what about you guys? How often do you have fish? Is there anyone having it three times a week?


Kelly-Jane said…
Salmon is one of the fish I cook, we are having it this weekend. Yours does look good to me :) Leeks and fish are such a good combo, I don't know why it's not more popular. I really enjoyed that post, especailly since I worry too that we don't eat enough fish!
Lisa said…
VS, have you ever tried swordfish? It's quite good and has a different texture. You might like it grilled and served with lemons!
I don't eat fish 3 times a week...but the one fish I don't like -- cooked -- is salmon. I like it raw or cured or smoked. Difficult!
I don't have your email, but have tagged you to list Five Things about yourself!
pistachio said…
Hi Eva,

Just to let you know I've tagged you, hope you'll join in.

Check out my blog for details -

pi xxx

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