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I was reading another blog this morning where the blogger stated that she would never bore her readers with the food she eat every day. I was feeling bad for about 5 seconds, because that is exactly what I am doing, but then I thought there must be other people out there who want to have tips of what to eat every day. I know I am one. There are different kind of blogs, some are updated once or twice a month and they are really glamorous with beautiful pictures and well written essays. It´s inspiring and feels like reading a coffee table book. I love those blogs! But then, there Í am with my stomach rumbling and me wondering what to eat. That´s why I appreciate food blogs presenting everyday food even more.

Most of you know that I don´t like fish and I have a mission: to find recipes that makes fish taste less fishy. From the start my intention was trying to eat fish at least once a week but as I see I´m very bad at it. BUT then I found a new "candidate" that I could think of trying. It´s a Jill Dupleix recipe and comes from delicious. Aus Vol3 Issue3. Recipe says to use any white fish so I used cod, which is a fish that doesn´t taste too fishy from the start. Then comes the Prosciutto wrapping that I was hoping would add another dimension to the flavour of the dish.

fish saltimbocca with mashed peas

serves 1
1 x 160-180g skinless firm white fish fillets
1 thin, wide prosciutto slice
1 large sage leave
1/2 tbs vegetable oil
100g frozen peas
5g unsalted butter
snow pea sprouts and lemon wedges to serve

Season fish and wrap in prosciutto, secure sage leaf on the presentation side with a toothpick. Cook fish over medium heat sage-side down for 5 minutes or until prosciutto is crisp and golden. Turn and cook for a further 4-6 minutes, depending on thickness, until fish is cooked. Keep warm.
Cook the peas in simmering salted water for 5 minutes. Drain, reserving 1 tbs of the cooking water, Whiz peas with butter in a food processor until a coarse mash, then season. Return to low heat and gradually beat in water with a wooden spoon. Dollop peas on a plate, top with the fish, sage-side up, and serve with sprouts and lemon.

This turned out great! I loved the sweetness of the peas combined with the salty, crispy prosciutto wraps and the lemon squeezed over it. Yummy!
My only complaint was that it was too small a serving of the mashed peas. I didn´t have any carbs with it and didn´t really missed it either, but next time I´ll double the peas up. This is a keeper, and I think it would qualify to Pistachio´s "Quick midweek" . Check it out, it is very useful for a working girl!


Kelly-Jane said…
Your fish looks lovely, and really healthy too!

I've read the 'don't want to blog everything I eat' comments too. I had to have a bit of self examination after this!

What I've decided though is I want to post a balance of sweet food, more involved weekend food and healthy week food. I like all sorts of blogs, but this is what I think I'd like mine to be!
vonsachsen said…
Kelly-Jane, that sounds pretty good to me!! I think you have succeed with it, you have all that on your blog and will have more intricate ones especially since you´ve enjoyed the Daring Bakers :)

Lisa said…
It all depends upon the blog! Some people make everything interesting, no matter the topic.
As for your fish, very clever -- nothing like prosciutto to help ANY food! I like mushy peas, too, and as this is not a dish I grew up eating, I sometimes forget about it -- thanks for the reminder.
pistachio said…
I've read that comment too but, like you Eva, it's inspiration for healthy and interesting day to day food I'm looking for. At the weekend, with more time and energy, I can always do something more involved. So a mix of the two does it for me.

Love that fish dish, would definitely be a contender for Quick Midweek :)

pi xxx

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