drenched ginger & lemon cake

Drenched Ginger & Lemon Cake

Weather has been quite cold and windy to be May and after a nice spring in April people are pulling out their late-autumn-clothes again. When I got Tamasin´s Weekend Food a week ago, I thought I might wait until next autumn or winter with trying this cake, but this weather "entitled" me to make it now.

Actually this was kind of a project, because I haven´t seen stem ginger in syrup in Sweden, so I started to look on the web for a recipe . I´ve found a pretty easy one that only uses sugar, sliced ginger and water and all you have to do is to bring it to a boil and then simmer until it thickens. And so I did. It´s just that I didn´t have a clue what it should look or taste like as I have never had that but in the end I did have some ginger syrup.

Made the cake yesterday evening and I couldn´t really wait but had to try. I expected it to taste more gingery and warming but instead it was lemony, tart and cool (keeping in mind that I loooove lemons). There is a possibility of course that my ginger syrup was a weakling, so would I get hold of some authentic ginger syrup, I think I would give it one more chance. I guess this won´t keep too well, as this evening the cake felt already a bit compact and dry. Would you like to make a nice, moist lemon cake, I would say give it a go. If you are looking for a ginger fix, keep on looking.


Kelly-Jane said…
Ginger and lemon sounds lovely, I'm sure i have this recipe marked to try. Looks good :) a pity it wasn't what you would have liked.

It's a strange thing I made a basic lemon drizzle cake today too!
Shaun said…
Vonsachsen - I have had my eye on this recipe in "Tamasin's Kitchen Bible", too. When I bought stem ginger in syrup in Los Angeles, I had to buy it online. I didn't see it in any stores, not even in health shops. I am still keen to try this recipe - probably when I am back in the US because there is nothing like the cooling combination of lemon and ginger in the Summer. Your cake looks lovely.
Lisa said…
It looks scrumptious! Like you, I love lemons, and that looks like a great cake to enjoy with a cup of tea. Have you tried Nigella's damp lemon & almond cake? I think you would love it!
vonsachsen said…
Lisa, I have to admit that I haven´t tried too many Nigella cakes and I haven´t tried the damp lemon cake either...(I´m hanging my head in shame :D) BUT we have all summer in front of us, so eventually I will give it a try. I think I have to take a serious look at Domestic Goddess (I presume it´s in there)...and thanks for the recommendation :)


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