weekend off

I´m off for the weekend, tomorrow after work I´m heading south to visit my mother. There will be celebrations, the town she lives in is 700 years now. I´m looking forward having some festival food and walk around markets and car boot sales. I hope it will be fun. I´m back on Monday evening.
Have a nice weekend everyone and take care :)



pistachio said…
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

pi xxx
Kelly-Jane said…
Have a great time :)
Ilana said…
Eva, I've just discovered your blog a few days ago. I've been thoroughly enjoying reading it...

Be back soon.. looking forward to reading more. :)

Thanks for making the ice cream, btw. Glad you liked it. :)

Sandy said…
Looking forward to hearing about all the celebrations!
vonsachsen said…
Thank you girls, you are so sweet!
I have just came back, it was nice but there was no food!!!! I was a bit disappointed but it was very nice spending time with my mother:) She made a few of my favourite things, I´ll put up some pics later...umm, tomorrow, me thinks :)

Ilana, that ice cream is soooo good! :)

vs xx

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