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The 6th of June is Sweden´s National Day that I´ve spent with a very good friend. We were just talking and eating the whole day, I have even taken a few pics.

She arrived for breakfast so we started with a zucchini frittata, inspired by Claryssa Hyman´s Cucina Siciliana. No way that I would serve it like this usually, I was just fooling around with the tomatoes :)

And that was about it. The rest of the pics were blurred. Arrrgh! Of course, there wasn´t anything special , my dear friend being a vegetarian we had mostly simple dishes, but there was a very nice potato salad with coconut milk (I looove coconut milk) amongst others.

Thai Potato Salad
serves 2

300g potatoes

1 red capsicum, chopped

1 scallion, sliced

1/4 frisée salad, torn


50-60ml coconut milk

1 smallish clove of garlic

1/2 lime juice and zest


Cook the potatoes, let cool slightly and cut in thick slices. Mix with the trimmed and chopped vegetables and dress while luke warm.

If you like, you can serve it with hardboiled eggs and bread. For a non-vegetarian alternative, serve with grilled chicken breast and bread.

These might have been the reason why my hands were a bit unsteady :) I don´t need much, I´m not used to drinking so after a glass I was all bubbly myself.

I can´t really call this a drink, as they weren´t any particular ingredients just fresh, mixed strawberries with a sweet, sparkling wine (Asti). Yummy!!

Today I was going Greek. It was unusually warm and I´m never hungry in hot weather. I pulled out Falling Cloudberries and throw together the Chickpea salad with coriander.

For dessert I chose the Mahalepi with milk, rice flour and rose water served with rose water syrup. Quite sweet, but nice and creamy.


Kelly-Jane said…
Hope you have a lovely time with your friend.

Everything looks yummy, I'm always meaning to try Tessa's chickpea salad!

I seem to be having issues with the camera just now as well, either blurry or dark!
vonsachsen said…
Oh, I wouldn´t say that, your Pavlova looks just FAB!!!!

pistachio said…
Sounds like you had a lovely day with your friend. Those drinks look lovely!

Haha, KJ, was also thinking that I keep meaning to try that salad. Now's the weather for it so should maybe get the book out. Thanks for the heads up, Eva.

pi xxx
annauk said…
Eva, everything looks great!

My hubby's late father was a mahalepi maker in Cyprus. He used to cart round the mahalepi, bowls, and rosewater, and people would pay him.

Hubby used to do the dishes for his pocket money!

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