sexy ramiros for inspiration

I found these sexy Ramiro paprikas and just couldn´t leave them in the shop. AnnaAUS, you were absolutely right! Wonderful ingredients do give inspiration! :)

I tried to do my best and blog about my holidays but there were too many other things and too little food in them. It´s about how my holiday was, really, this time it wasn´t about food but more about people. Old friends and their children, old boyfriends and their new OH´s, relatives, my dad, teahouses, music festivals. Altogether a very nice holiday but not many foodpics.
I´m still in don´t-want-to-cook mode, but I hope it has something to do with the weather. I want to do other things, be outdoors as much as possible, so the cooking I have done were real quickies.

I started to feel a bit ashamed about not using my "latest" books (the Bill Granger one and Tessa Kiros´ Apples for Jam) so I tried to find very simple recipes.

The Bill Granger´s Caramel Chicken I´m sure many of you will recognize, it has been mentioned several times on . I don´t know if it´s only me, but I didn´t think it was anything extraordinary. I mean you don´t need a recipe to throw together something that would taste like this dish. It was a bit sweet, a bit spicy, a bit of everything and nothing. I might have done something wrong, but this is such a simple recipe, that not even I could mess it up. Or could I? ;)

Apples for Jam I have been browsing through many times and I enjoyed the pictures that presented a somewhat idealised, simple, country life of Tessa Kiros and her family, but I have never felt inspired to try anything from that book. Honestly I was surprised to see the amount of fried food (mostly chips in different shapes) and cakes and ice-cream she was feeding her daughters! Isn´t she supposed to be a chef with a basic knowledge in nutrition?

Anyway, I had a chicken breast pulled out from the freezer and didn´t know what to do with it so I chose Tessa´s Chicken Escalopes with Tomatoes and Capers. I didn´t have any expectations at all and guess what? I was surprised by the juicy, tasty result! This is a dish I will most definitely cook again. I didn´t make any potatoes that she suggests, as I can´t eat potatoes (still), so I used two large tomatoes instead of plum tomatoes and served it with a small portion of bread. Yummy! Now I feel more tempted to try other things from this book, because although the dishes look simple, I have a feeling that there are quite a few hidden treasures to be discovered here.

Another Tessa recipe I tried these last weeks was the Cinnamon Buns from the Finnish section of her Falling Cloudberries. I found the finished buns a bit crispy and that´s not what I wanted. I want my buns to be soft, moist and comforting. I put a few in the freezer and when I took them out I found them tough.... Oh well, I think I´ll just go back to the Cinnamon buns that you find on the back of every flour package in Sweden.

Another thing I tried was inspired by my Greece-holiday. As I am avoiding potatoes and rice, I had to order starters as side dishes. Poor me :) I had such feasts this time in Greece as never before. Anyway, one of the starters/side dishes that I just loooved, was grilled paprika filled with feta. Don´t have any recipe, so I just mixed the feta with some greek (or should I say hellenic?) oregano, filled these gorgeous paprikas with it and grilled them in the oven with a few drops of olive oil. It tasted wonderful, served with oregano-seasoned lambchops. The only "problem" with it was that a lot of fat oozed out during the grilling...don´t know what I should do the next time to avoid this. Because it will certainly be a next time ;) Any ideas please? AnnaUK perhaps?

Before going into oven

Not quite as gorgeous after coming out of the oven, but very tasty...
Didn´t have the time to type in any recipes, but is there any intereset, just let me know. Also ,most of you guys from do have these books :)


Kelly-Jane said…
Eva, great to see you back!

I think it's the time of year, it does affect the amount and type of cooking we all want to do, time is short in the Summertime, but Autumn is coming soon!

All your pics look great. I've not tried the caramel chicken, actually I'm pretty neglectful with my Bill books... Tessa's AFJ does have hidden treasures, so recipes I've tried I thought would be gread were just good, and others that I've made for my little miss have been yummy, oh well...

I hadn't realised you couldn't eat rice and potatoes, I remember pasta though. I hope you're ok?

vonsachsen said…
Hehe, no wonder you are neglecting Bill when you Ms Dorie G.! ;) I am making myself to use these two books, but it doesn´t come naturally :D
Oh, well, about the potatoes...I wanted to write in teh blog about it, but I just felt as I was winging...I can´t eat starchy food, so me losing my mojo has a lot to do with this. There is lot of food I can´t eat, so it´s almost 2painful" to surf the foodblogs nowadays :D
Oh well, I hope I will be OK someday. I still haven´t find a remedy but I´m looking. Oh, enough about me.
Sandy said…
I'm so glad to see you back! I agree, AFJ is a lovely book which I felt uninspired to use for some time. Finally I tried a few recipes and they are like hidden treasures. Very simple, but comforting and easy and flavorful.

Those stuffed peppers/paprikas look amazing. I have seen them ready made in deli's here but never tried them. I did recently try baking feta with tomato and oregano and that was delicious too.
Kelly-Jane said…
Have you ever tried food combining? That should help your tummy.

I Had an ulcer and a lot of dyspepsia a few years ago, and it helped me a lot. Prescription drugs helped, but I reckoned I didn't want to be on a lot of pills forever, so tried something different.

Suzanne Somers 'Eat Great Lose Weight' is a good start, it's a way of eating, and there is a weight loss part and a maintenance part. Might help you a bit.

annauk said…
Hi Eva!
My ears must have been burning , LOL!
Did the oil come from the fetta? Or from the added olive oil? I don't really know what to suggest, but everything sounds so amazing - and your pics are beautiful!!
vonsachsen said…
Sandy, thanks for stopping by.
Yes, feta and oregano seems to be a match made in heaven, doesn´t it? :)

AnnaUK, umm, don´t know exactly, I did add olive oil but I ended up with a lot more "fat" than the amound I started with, so I figured it must´ve come from the feta... Don´t know what to do, paprikas need a longer grilling time, and for the feta it would more than enough just to melt...Oh, doesn´t matter, it didn´t look great, but it tasted great.

Kelly-Jane: thanks so much for your concern and ideas. I have read about it and I´ve also tried to eat only one kind of food to see what it was I didn´t tolerate. I tried to eat plain rice because it is said to have a detox effect but I got the same symptoms. Same with polenta,bulghur or plain potatoes, no mixing with anything... Hehe, if there is something I don´t need right now, it is loosing weight! :) I can recommend starchfree diet for everyone wanting to loose a few pounds! Of course you don´t get any energy either...
Meat and most of the vegetables are perfectly fine, also fruits and dairy products. (thank God!)

Ilana said…
Eva, all your pictures look beautiful. I do hope you start feeling better soon. I am trying to eat less carbs to actually lose weight, and it is torture. I really feel for you!

Anyway nice to see you back. And to see another AFJ convert. Soon you will all be mine! Muahhaahahah.

Linda F said…
Those cinnamon buns look totally gorgeous Eva, as do the paprikas. Beautiful photos yet again!

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