metro soup

This morning on my way to work, sitting on the tram, I was too tired to read my book, so I just listened to music and picked up a Metro. It´s a free newspaper, if I´m not totally wrong you can read it in all larger cities around the world. I´m a bit like an ostrich, with my head in the sand, I don´t like to start my day with bad news, so I just took a quick look at the fashion and music articles and by an accident I noticed a recipe for "Carrot Soup" by Weight Watcher´s.

I have always thought they must be boring recipes, but I noticed the word carrot, and I know I had loads of carrots waiting to be used up, so I gave it a shot. I was surprised, because it´s easy peasy but flavourful, I´m guess the garlic added that final twist to the otherwise sweetish soup.

So, here´s the recipe, I do recommend it to all working girls :)

Metro Soup
(1 hungry working girl)

3 carrots
1 medium parsnip
1/2 l vegetable broth
1 clove of garlic (a small one if you eat the soup at work)
1 tbs parsley
1 smallish broccoli

Peel and chop parsnip and carrots and cook until soft. Whizz it in the blender, pour it back into the pot and bring it to the boil. Season with salt, parsley and mashed garlic.
Serve soup with the separately cooked broccoli and bread if you like. And as I´m not watching my weight, I served it with a dollop of Creme Fraiche. Yum!
Oh, for those of you interested, it says that uhhh...point per serving:0. (It would be without the bread and Creme Fraiche :D)


Kelly-Jane said…
It's fun to stumble across recipes like that! It looks lovely :)
Ilana said…
How do you get the garlic soft enough to mash? And what do you cook the carrot and parsnip in? Looks delicious. I want to make this!!

vonsachsen said…
hihi, I meant crushed, not mashed!! sorry, bad english :D
Also the vegetable broth for me is boiling water + 1 vegetable stock cube.


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