p is for autumn...in january

I haven´t been writing or reading blogs for a very long time. It started with a flu that went over into a sinusitis that didn´t seem to react on either homeopathic medicines nor antibiotics. Yes, against all my principles, I tried antibiotics...nothing I was or am proud of, but I needed to get back to work. The sinusitis made that I couldn´t read at all, neither could I use the computer. Then I got tonsillitis and a middle ear infection. Why am I telling this? I´m feeling fine now, so it´s not that I need the sympathy. It´s just that, during that period of time when I had to "relax", without the myriads of activities to occupy my mind with, I came to a few insights. I realized, that I´m dependent of the Internet.

Earlier I felt, that I don´t have time to do anything (else), because I had to choose recipes, cook, take pictures, blog about the dish, read and comment other people´s blogs, to be up to date with what is happening on different forums and so on. I was stressed, I was pressed, depressed and unhappy. I had constant backache, headache and sciatica. I felt like an old car, ready for the scrapyard, with pain in my body and bruises in my soul.

I know that the best way would be to find the golden path, not to close down everything or open up too much, but that is something I can´t do. Yet. I´m on my way though...
I have been considering to close down the blog but I haven´t made a decision about it yet and I might not decide anything either. I don´t think I´m "back" but I don´t want to just disappear, there are far too many truly wonderful people that I don´t want to lose contact with...totally.

In case I´m keeping the blog, I might change the contents. I´m not a foodie. Although I love new tastes and I love to eat, I´m not really a natural cook and food is only a tiny little part of me. I´m very interested in health, yoga, spirituality, arts, literature and I feel like I´m limiting myself when blogging only about food. And having several blogs isn´t an option for me either, it takes too much time. I might as well take a time out. But first, let´s see what I have made while away.

My last entry that I have been preparing without ever publishing it (don´t even remember why I just didn´t push the button) was about autumn and the three P´s that make/made my autumn.


Words don´t come to me...so this will be a photo post. Love Diana Henry and I´m sure I´ve told this before so here comes a very good Pumpkin Tart recipe that I just adore, from her Roast Figs, Sugar Snow.

Why am I amazed every time I use fresh spinach? I bought a whole bag full of green leaves and after wilting it, there was no more then a handful left...

Already when you read through the ingredient list, you get a feeling that this is going to taste great. Fresh spinach, Gorgonzola, roasted pumpkin, cream, Parmesan, yum! Also, only by reading through it, you feel your waistline increasing a few inches :D

Pumpkin Tart
serves 6

for the pastry:
225g plain flour
175g butter
good pinch salt
a little cold water (I didn´t need any)

for the filling:
450g pumpkin or squash
olive oil
450g spinach
2 large eggs
250ml double cream
50g Parmesan, grated
freshly grated nutmeg
150-175g Gorgonzola

I had some plum compote left, so, inspired by Diana Henry´s Plum Sorbet I added a few tsp of Amaretto, which I found married well with the cinnamon. Because I don´t have an ice cream machine, I can´t really make a smooth sorbet, no matter how much I mix and whip and live all my aggressions out, so I decided to call this Plum Granita :D The texture is icey, but the taste is very good and refreshing.

I love plum jam a lot, so the last plums of the autumn I used for cooking a batch of jam. I didn´t use any particular recipe, just added some cane sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Heaven, with a glass of warm milk.

Another favourite of mine is Diana Henry´s Plum cake from Cafe Sperl in Vienna. I usually make this every autumn, following the recipe from Roast Figs, Sugar Snow but I always add a few sprinklings of cinnamon over the plums. Perfect!

OK, starts to get boring with all this photos, so here are the last ones.
Every December around the 13th I bake Swedish Lussekatter. This year I thought I would be smart and plan ahead, make them earlier and have them in the freezer until it´s time to pull them out on Lucia day´s morning. Well, I almost managed. I made them way too early and by the 13th of December I hardly had anyone left :)....so I had to bake another batch that lasted until Christmas.
I tried two different recipes, both quite "traditional", one with, the other without cottage cheese.

Although it´s quite late, but we have the whole year in head of us, so I would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may all your dreams come true...


pistachio said…
Dearest Eva, so good to see some sign of life from you. I have missed your blogging and presence on the forums. Sorry to hear you have been unwell, I hope you are better now.

That tart from RFSS is a favourite of mine as you well know. Yours looks fabulous. Everything you make looks fabulous, lol.

As to having other things in your life, well I guess we all do. I have other interests but until now have not considered including them in my blog. Some people do with great success so why not consider it.

Several people on the Pantry have been asking for you. Please do drop by and say hello when you feel up to it.

Wishing you all the very best for the New Year ... health, happiness, fulfilment, love and peace.

pi xxx
vonsachsen said…
Pistachio:) It´s so good to see you too! I hope you have had a very nice Christmas with your loved ones.
You know that you were the one who "discovered" the tart in RFSS, you have a special ability to spot the golden nuggets :D
I´ve seen on your blog that you have found a new one, the Leek Tart, and I´ll try that soon and see if the Pumpkin tart gets competition there.

I know that all of us/you out there has got other interests as well, I was just awkward when expressing myself (language is often an obstacle for me, not always a challenge...). I just meant that sometimes I feel like a cat among the hermelins, not a real foodie, just one "pretending" :D
Enough of the babble, I´ll see you around :)

Big e-hugs
pistachio said…
Eva, you ARE a real foodie it shines through in everything you make.

pi xxx
Linda F said…
Eva your pictures are beautiful as is the food you make! I agree with Pi, how can you not be a foodie when you make food that looks that fabulous!
I do hope you continue is some kind of way with the blog, I know it is time consuming but I too love how it connects you with others, it is quite a special thing!
annauk said…
Hi Eva,
I have missed seeing you around, and was wondering where you were!

I have missed your amazing photography and blogging, hope to see you around more.

My blog isn't just about food, even though,it's called ' at Anna's kitchen table'. I like to think it's more of a chat with friends - the posts can be about anything, and frequently are!
Why don't you give it a go?
So good to see you posting Eva and that you are feeling better. I'm sorry to hear how you are feeling.

I totally agree with the others here, how can you not be a foodie? Your passion for food shines through with every photo and every post.

Do take care.

Wishing you the very best for 2008
George xxxx
Ms O said…
Eva, be good to yourself - there's no pressure. We're interested in whatever you want to write about. I enjoy your writing and your beautiful photos.

Lea xxx
Sandy said…
Eva, I have also missed your posts. But I do understand needing a break.
I've been rediscovering new interests of my own, and often wonder if my blog has any focus at all. I would love to read more about your other interests too. Please don't feel limited in any way.
Your plums look gorgeous. There is something so lovely about plums in a dessert...I don;t know exactly what it is!

Anyways, Happy New Year! I hope you will find better health.
vonsachsen said…
Oh, I just feel like giving a big warm hug to you all!


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