beetroot in my lunchbox

I have been away from the pharmacy this week and if it was up to me, I wouldn´t go back. Well, of course, it IS up to me, but then I´m not ready to loose my job and live on...what? Today I went to see my patients though, that part of my work I love. I wasn´t really up for cooking a lot, so I made my "usual" dish with beetroots. It´s a Diana Henry recipe from her Roast Figs, Sugar Snow, and I never get tired of it. It´s tasty, it´s healthy and it´s easy, perfect for someone as lazy as I am.

For one person you need a large orange, 2 medium beetroots, 5-6 walnuts, a good handful of ruccola and either goat´s cheese, or if you don´t have it just use regular Feta or if you don´t have that either, try some slices of Camembert. When I´m feeling too chilly for cold food, I grill a few slices of Halloumi, and that´s fine too. The secret of this simple lunch dish is lying in the dressing (I reckon): mix some olive oil, 1/2 tsp runny honey, 1/4 tsp Dijon mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Another take, with Feta this time...which I prefer for the contrast between the sweet of the beet and the saltiness of the Feta, then the tart from the lemons in the dressing...perfect combination!

Oh, and it was my birthday last Saturday. I had a few friends at my place, I invited them for an Afternoon Tea. I bought clotted cream at The English Shop, Strawberry Jam and Apricot Jam with Armagnac for the scones, made cucumber- and egg sandwiches for the first time in my life and they were very nice. I preferred the cucumber ones, very refreshing.

I made Nigella´s Christmas Pavlova with pomegranates and made some fairy cakes. It was my very first Pavlova and I was very nervous for how it will turn out, but everything went fine. The only thing is that mine went a bit beige, even though I covered it with baking parchment after half an hour...Is there any trick that I don´t know about? Or is it only my oven? How do I make beautiful white Pavlovas?

I was a bit disappointed with the colors though, they didn´t turn out too well...the supposedly baby blue cakes had some strange 50´ies mint green color and the pale pink was more salmon colored. Oh well, people liked it, that was the main thing. I used Nigella´s basic fairy cake recipe from How to be a Domestic Goddess and made the butter icing from the back of an icing sugar box (Tate+Lyle). 75g softened butter, 175g icing sugar, 1 tbsp milk. I added 2 more tbsp´s of milk and a few drops of coconut essence, and it turned out unexpectedly well.


Linda F said…
Goats cheese and beetroot is such a fantastic combination isnt it? I love it!
Your pavlova looks great, I would be more than happy with that for a first attempt! Mine generally have a light brown tinge too, I haven't ever been too bothered about it, as they always taste so good!
Gloria said…
So nice recipes, I love Camemebert and Feta !! xx Gloria
Gloria said…
Vonsachsen, a little late but Happy Birthday, you are Capricornio how my Mom, good sign!! (and Mom make scons too for her birthday)Gloria
pistachio said…
Sorry I missed your birthday, sounds like you had a great time and everything you cooked looks absolutely yummy.

pi xxx
Sandy said…
Afternoon tea sounds so sweet. Your pav looks perfect, and mine alsways turn out a little beige (not a bright white).

Happy Belated Birthday!!
vonsachsen said…
Thank you for the nice comments and birthday wishes :)
Gloria, I guess Capricorns are a bit conservative/traditional...
Pi, you couldn´t know when I had my birthday :)

Linda and Sandy, phew!':D Í feel relieved! I thougth it´s only me as the Pavlova´s are always beautifully white on all photos and cookery books!

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