morning wisdom with your cuppa...

I love Yogi tea in the winter. I like the colour, the flavour and the warming aroma of cinnamon and black pepper. But I especially appreciate the small messages that come with the teabags...

Lägg till bildtext
I would also like to tell you about a blog that I found recently because it really did have a great impact on me. It was a particular post that really made me thinking, it felt like an eye opener.

"...can you admit failure and know you yourself are not a failure?"

Therapists and "learned people" ;) were not able to trigger that aha-feeling in me as this short little sentence did, when you recognize either what the problem has been/is or even better, what you could do about it how you could work with it.

I´m aware that things that touch me won´t necessarily touch you, but there might be somehting there for you too, is the link to the eggbeater Oh, and of course, it is a foodie site too, eggbeater herself is a chef located in the SF Bay area.

" takes humility to admit you haven't been who you suppose to be."


Anonymous said…
I love Yogi tea too (coffedrinker as I am) especially the Licorice one. Thanks for the tip about Eggbeater. Really nice blog too and very beautiful pictures. Thanks!
Kram Semlan

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