zucchini pancakes

Every year at end of February or first week in March there is book sales in Sweden. Yes, of course it is a sale after Christmas and one after the summer holiday but this one is THE booksale of the year. It starts 12 o´clock (midnight) and it´s a bit fun to stand there in the middle of the night with lots of other book- interested people and just look at, feel, browse through mountains of books.

Last year I found 7 cookbooks and one of them was Donna Hay´s The new cook. I love the layout, very clear, simple but elegant, lightyears from let´s say Tessa Kiros´ Apples for Jam... (not that I don´t like Tessa Kiros but they are just very different) As soon as I got the book and leafed through it, I remember trying the Zucchini Pancake...with not so good result. The picture in the book showed a nice, relatively thin pancake, while following the recipe I ended up with a very thick batter that couldn´t possibly result in thin pancakes. Optimist as I was, I went with it and waited for the miracle that just didn´t happen and I had a thick, grayish fritter-like thing that remained uncooked.

The other day I was looking for recipes for beetroots (now you are surprized, aren´t you?) and noticed this recipe for pancake again. The idea that I will just use some milk to make the batter more liquid came to me so naturally that I felt stupid not thinking about it last time. Most often I just trust the cookbook writer without questioning the accuracy of the recipe and thank God most often they do work :)

Zucchini Pancakes
2 pancakes
breakfast for 2 or brunch for 1

250ml zucchini, grated
1 egg
1,5 tbs melted butter
100ml flour (depending of the size of the egg, you migth need just a tbsp more or so)2 tbs grated Parmesan
1/4 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
2 slices of Brie
50g sundried tomatoes
100ml milk

This time I was pleased with my zucchini pancakes, they were nice, they were COOKED through and they became flavourful with the Camembert and the sundried tomatoes. The recipe calls for Brie but I had some Camembert that had to be used and I don´t think it made a huge difference. I will definitely make these pancakes again, as it is perfect as brunch on a weekend.


Linda F said…
oooh, zuchinis are plentiful at the moment and this looks fab Eva!!!!!!!
vonsachsen said…
Do try it Linda, this is a very simple way to make pancakes (at least sound) a bit healthier :)
maestro said…
Sounds scrumptious
Gloria said…
These pancakes looks wonderful vonsachsen!!!I really love BRIE!!!xxGloria
They look wonderful Eva. Zucchini aren't easily found atm (unless they've been air freighted which I don't really buy if I can avoid it) but I'll be trying them out when I can

George xx

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