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Two days ago I received my first blog award (see the optimist here? am I unconsciously hoping for more? ;)) from Kitchen Goddess over at Culinary Travels of a Kitchen Goddess...Usually I have difficulties with accepting things, favors, gifts and compliments and this time was no exception. I didn´t feel that I have been doing my best lately and so on, but somewhere deep inside it feels just wonderfully warming and energizing :) Therefore I decided to accept AND thank George for this award, I know it´s not an Oscar or something but I do feel honoured ;P

Also, I would like to forward the baton to some bloggers who inspire me:)

Lisa at The Chambermaid
Paula at In My Life
Eszter at Fûszer és Lélek (Spice and Soul?)
Shaun at Winter Skies, Kitchen Aglow
Pistachio at Pistachio en la Cocina

Yay!!! This feeeeeels good! :D


You ought to feel good Eva! This blog is fabulous and deserves the recognition. You're an inspiration :)

George xx
Lisa said…
Agreed, you have an excellent blog! It's always interesting, and a pleasure to read your thoughts and see your beautiful photography.
vonsachsen said…
Thank you girls, I appreciate it :)

Paola said…
Thanks so much Eva! You are so sweet to pick me. :) I feel honored!

Lisa said…
Eva, thank you very much for the award! I feel very honored, too!
pistachio said…
Thank you, Eva ... I do so appreciate this.

pi xxx

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