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Just a short note about a new blog I found the other day, called Greek Food. Most of you know about my almost-obsession about Greece and Greek food, so I was more then happy when I saw that this blog unites many of the elements I love: food with recipes, family stories, history of food and mythology of course!

I have a few previous posts about Greek food, but I look forward to cook more of that, gaining inspiration from Sam, the host over at Greek Food. So if you, like me, like Greek food, then you will absolutely like Greek Food (I know, that last sentence became more twisted then usual) :D

the cutest general store on my beloved Alonnisos


Thank you for pointing that blog out to us Eva. It looks excellent and I'll definitely be adding to my blog roll.

George xx
Sandy said…
It does look like a great blog, thank you. And he is based in Toronto (as am I), so anythign he uses will most likely be easily available to me too. That makes life easier. :)
vonsachsen said…
Well then, that´s great for you Sandy :) I hope you get some inspiration.
Yes, Sam has a great Greek food site, and does a great job with food history. If you're interested in Greek cooking, you can also check out,,, or I also write frequently about Greek food at
vonsachsen said…
wow! Many thanks! You are offering me a treasure chest :) k
Eva, I am thrilled that you liked my blog enough to blog about it! Thank you!!! I will endeavour to keep things interesting and tasty! Oh, and allow me to second Laurie's recommendations (including Laurie's own blog) as well. Opa!
Lulu Barbarian said…
It's always fun to meet fellow Greek food lovers!

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