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I´d like to believe that I most often cook what I crave but seeing my latest posts and even if I look back a bit longer, I see that what I cook often depends on available ingredients. What I mean, is that cooking for one often leaves me with leftover ingredients and it develops into a chain.

In my last post I cooked the lamb tagine, so I needed dates. Of course I couldn't use up all the dates in the tagine so I found a desert that used mainly dates, the stuffed dates. To be able to make the stuffed dates I needed pistachios that came in a package of 400g that left me with a few handfuls of pistachios that needed to be used.

This last week I have been leafing through Cucina Siciliana ( see my previous post on this book) by Clarissa Hyman as I have booked a trip to Sicily and I was about to plan which places to visit and there I saw these wonderfully grass green lamb chops with pistachio pesto. They were quick and easy to make, flavourful and colorful, especially if you like pink lamb chops. Of course I couldn´t resist to make some tzatziki on the side and they went very well together. Don´t be misled by the name Pistachio Pesto because this dish has very little with the well known pesto to do. Here we are talking about a paste made of chopped or ground pistachios, breadcrumbs, lemon zest and olive oil that you spread on the chops one minute before they are ready.

The tzatziki doesn´t need any presentation I guess, it´s Greek yogurt, grated cucumber, garlic, dill and a little lemon juice. You can add mint too, but I prefer it without.


farida said…
We make Jajik a lot - it is a TUrkish name of the dish:) My Turkish hubby loves it. Yum!
Kevin said…
Lamb chops with pistachio pesto and tzatziki sounds really good!
Pistachio pesto sounds delicious, your meal looks wonderful.
Lisa said…
Yum! They look & sound delicious.
How exciting that you're going to Sicily!
As for "The Caliph's House"...{sigh} now I will put it on my wish list!
Maria said…
Wow these look and sound so good, delish!

Kelly-Jane said…
Looks like a delicious supper to me :)
Norm said…
Your food photos are wonderful VS. I'm struggling not to lick the computer screen...
That looks so delicious! I find sometimes that I end up with something of a food chain of leftovers, even when cooking for two... :)
Sharona May said…
Looks wonderful and mediterranean is one of my absolute favorite types of food.

sharona may
JillyB said…
That lamb looks so yummy!
I've tagged you!

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