stuffed dates -in moroccan mood

After finishing The Caliph´s house by Tahir Shah I went straight to my laptop and started searching for cheap airline tickets to Marrakech. I was spellbound by the thousand-and-one-night atmosphere in the book for more then a week, but finding the prices far too high for me, I eventually realized that the closest I´ll come to Morocco this year will be a bowl of tagine and some strong, sweet peppermint tea.

Since my mother was visiting, I chose to cook her favourite tagine with shallots and dates from Hilaire Walden´s The Moroccan Collection.

Having bought a whole box of "fresh dates" (fresh dates from a box?? I don´t think so, but that´s what the label said) I wanted to use up the rest so they wouldn´t go all dry on me. I recalled having seen a recipe for stuffed dates in my new Middle Eastern book called Orient - food and culture . I really love this book, it´s both beautiful and informative but I haven´t cooked anything from it before now, so I was happy to finally start using it.

beautiful color!!! - ground pistachios

I thought this would be awfully sweet but to my surprise it was edible-sweet and went perfectly with the peppermint tea. The filling is made of ground pistachios, butter, icing sugar and rosewater, so obviously this is not a low-carb or low-fat recipe :)

Filled dates
serves 4

12 large dates
50g butter, melted
1/2tsp rose water
100ml chopped pistachios (used a kitchen aid)
4tbsp confectioners sugar
1tbsp chopped pistachios for decoration
if it's too thick, add water


Those look beautiful *and* delicious. Love the green of the ground pistachios...
Kötéltáncos said…
Mhmm! :oP

In the Hungarian Market Hall (Vámház krt.) I bought fresh date in box. But it was so expensive, that we ate itselves. :o)

What if that you will go to near to Gibraltar in Spain (I don't remember exactly the village name from when goes ferry) and go through the sea to Marrakech? It's enough cheap and only 3 km?

Most attól tartok, elég vacakul fogalmaztam angolul, szóval, miért nem mész a spanyoloktól át komppal. És mondjuk csak 2-3 éjszakát maradnál, az olcsóbb lenne.
Victoria Sponge said…
These all look sooo good. The colours are amazing!
Vicky xxx
Amara said…
Where do you get your pistachios? I've almost given up on them. I love them... but last several batches I've bought have been all brown and burned.

Those look gorgeous by the way.The filling looks so smooth and creamy. And the ground pistachios... I'm really wanting to try using some, maybe in a cake or patê à choux.
Kevin said…
Stuffed dates sounds like a great idea!
vonsachsen said…
Thanks guys for you kind comments:)
Kötéltáncos, that´s a great idea, but I think I would be at the same place moneywise if I travelled through Spain and boat or ferry over to Morocco :D I´m thinking about Sicily for the moment, ot Paris, actually I´ve never been there...we´ll see what I decide

Amara, thanks for visiting my blog AND leaving a comment :) I found the pistachios at a Middle Eastern food shop, they sell all kinds of nuts, and also they are not rosted or salted. In Sweden there are lots of foreigners and if you look in the suburbs you can find shops selling foodstuff from all over the world. Well, almost.

Thank you, Kevin:) You have quite a few great ideas too! I made the grilled tilapia with avgolemono sauce the other day, using your recipe. Very nice!
Gloria said…
Vonsachesen this is soooo lovelyª!!!I like the green too! xxGloria
Everything looks so beautiful Eva and so mouthwatering too.
Shaun said…
Vonsachsen ~ Your stuffed dates look amazing, as do your beautiful Moroccan tea glasses. Thank you for introducing me to two more cookbooks!
Malc said…
Hi, would you be able to give the recipe for these stuffed dates (with amounts)? I Googled the book but didn't realise it was in German. Thank you
vonsachsen said…
Malc...sorry it took six month to get back to you with the recipe...but better late then never :)

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