tart leek tart

The next recipe that I´ve tried from Twelve was this Leek Tart. It sounded delicious on reading through it as it contains several of my favourite ingredients in food: booze (this time white wine :D), nutmeg, parmesan and cream. Oh, and of course our main character: leek! I was really looking forward to this treat and even "Feng-shui"d it a bit: I put two pastry hearts on top to attract The Knight.

Well, after tasting it I realized that this tart tart won´t attract any Knight if they have the same palate as I :) The wine and nutmeg didn´t harmonize with the leek, I can´t say why but it just didn´t taste good. It tasted as if it has turned sour. I won´t give a recipe for this one as I don´t feel I can recommend it, but if you are brave enough or just want to give it a chance and cook it anyway, it would be nice to hear another opinion. Also, if anyone has a tried and tested leek tart recipe, would you please share it with me?

Oh, and another thing! I am sooooo happy that I finally have Tamasin Day Lewis´ West of Ireland Summers- Recipes and Memories from an Irish Childhood ! I have been on the hunt for this book for at least two years but couldn´t find it for a reasonable price. It is out of print and on Amazon there are three copies right now for £42 and four copies for £118,48!!!!! Crazy people... I happened to check in last Saturday and found a copy for £10, bought it the same second and yesterday the book has moved into my bookshelf :)


Anna said…
Oh, such a shame when you go to the effort of making something and then don't enjoy it! :-(
I'm glad you found your book though!
farida said…
this tart looks great! my hubby can't stand leek:( but I love eat, so it is always a dilemma whether I should try making anything with leek (he knows the smell:) or just give up on that:)

PS: You just received an award from me. Check my blog.
Kelly-Jane said…
Your tart looks great, I'm sorry to hear it wasn't what you expected. I've been looking for a good leek tart for ages, have tried a few, that are not to be repeated - I was hoping this would be it!
I'm sorry the leek tart didn't live up to expectations, it doesn't really appeal to me either.

West of Ireland Summers is a gorgeous book (oh how I covert it), I'm sure you'll love it.
vonsachsen said…
Hehe, no leek tart then :)

Farida, Í´ll go check it out, thank you!!
Were you able to lure "The Knight" with the two hearts? ;) This tart looks and sounds amazing! Leeks are one of my fave veggies. The gooseberry tart also looks amazing!

oh, and congratulations on Farida's award!
vonsachsen said…
hehe, Sam, unfortunately not :D The tart wasn´t good enough.

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