Theme orange for human rights - again

Last night I recieved an update from The Color Orange about 2 june: Press release :Give the Chinese students their history back! appeals to everybody to wear the orange color on 4th June, the 19th anniversary of the crackdown on the students in 1989 on the Tiananmin Square, Gate of the Heavenly Peace.
So on the menu I had Diana Henry´s Thyme, oregano and citrus roasted chicken from Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons, liked it very much and I am going to make it again. I am also going to use more orange zest in my cooking, it gives an interesting flavour to food.

For dessert I made George´s Golden Delight loaded with oranges too. George is about to publish a cook book and is looking for test pilots around the globe :)

The cake is made with oil that makes it moist and I simply loved the filling. I didn´t have the orange blossom essence George used, only an ordinary orange blossom water, so I added some grated orange zest both to the cake and filling, and it was incredible! This is a keeper recipe, although - since this is Tea for ONE - I would halve the recipe because this makes enough cake for at least 12 people! I made the cake just before leaving to Sicily (wasn´t too smart) but luckily I was invited for a grill party so I took the cake with me. Yum!

Note: Even if I halved the cake I would leave the amount of filling as it is ;)
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Eva that chicken dish looks amazing. Thank you for testing out the cake :) It looks wonderful, so light and moist. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Cooking for a great cause too!!
Heidi said…
These recipes look beautiful! I had no idea of the theme of wearing orange for the students. Had I known I would have considered something for that day. It was a tragic, sad event. I will remember next year. Thank you for sharing it.

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